Ignite and Develop is an extension of 365 Christ Centered Leadership, LLC and is a vital part of church health, growth, and discipleship. 
More specifically,  Christ-centered training and leadership development involves a continual, daily commitment to disciple and train current and aspiring Christian leaders.  This includes three areas:
  • curriculum development
  • church leadership development
  • christian education training

Although we can provide sessions tailored to your specific needs, we also present on the following workshop topics:

  • Ditch, Deal, and Delegate: Lessons from Jethro and Moses
  • Resolving Conflict: The Enemy and the Ally
  • His Church, Our Church:  Foundations for a Local Assembly
  • Church Organization:  Overview of Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values
  • If You Really Knew Me:  The Person Behind the Personality   
  • Stir Up the Gift:  Spiritual Giftedness and Personal Responsibility
  • It’s in the Book:  Developing Church By-Laws
  • Stay in Your Lane:  Church Unity through Clear Roles and Responsibilities
  • Working Smarter, Not Harder:  SMART Goals and Accountability
Resources for Training and Development