Training and Development

Darrin Woods has over 20 years experience in Christian Education, Church Administration, and Leadership Training.

Training and Leadership Development

What Three Areas Do We Address?

Church Leadership Development

Curriculum Development

Christian Education Training

What Workshops Do We Provide?

General Sessions

  • Ditch, Deal, and Delegate: Lessons from Jethro and Moses
  • Church Organization:  Overview of Vision Statement and Core Values
  • His Church, Our Church:  Foundations for a Local Assembly
  • Resolving Conflict: The Enemy and the Ally
  • If You Really Knew Me:  The Person Behind the Personality

Comprehensive Sessions

  • Stir Up the Gift:  Spiritual Giftedness and Personal Responsibility
  • Church Organization:  Development of Vision Statement, and Core Values
  • It’s in the Book:  Developing Church By-Laws
  • Stay in Your Lane:  Church Unity through Clear Roles and Responsibilities
  • Working Smarter, Not Harder:  SMART Goals and Accountability
Are There Options for Online Training?

Yes.  Training is provided for either in-person or online instruction.

What Do We Charge for Training and Leadership Professional Development?

We provide a free 1 hour consultation.

Additional consultation, proposals, and fees are commensurate with church size and comprehensive consultation that address specific training and leadership areas.

Restorative Practices Training

Darrin is also an experienced trainer of Restorative Practices and has led workshops for church leaders and high school teachers.

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