Church Consulting

Darrin Woods is a certified church consultant specializing in church revitalization consisting of Biblically-based, proven, and practical advice. He's committed to Ignite and Revitalize your church ministries.

Church Revitalization

What is Church Revitalization?

Church revitalization is “the process of identifying, assessing, and addressing factors which help and hinder a church’s health efficiency and growth.”

Darrin Woods

What Church Revitalization Focus Areas Do We Address?


Church Leadership


What Church Revitalization Services Do We Provide?

Vision Statement and Needs Assessment

Website Evaluation

Church Visitor Assessment

Spiritual Gifts, Personality, and Learning Styles Inventories

Demographic and Psychographic Reporting and Analysis


Are There Options for Online Church Revitalization Sessions?

Yes.  We provide sessions either in-person or online.

What Do We Charge for Church Consultations?

We provide a free 1 hour consultation.

Additional consultation, proposals, and fees are commensurate with church size and comprehensive consultation that address church revitalization.

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